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Queen of the Geeks

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Jun. 20th, 2005 @ 11:30 pm
It's... I don't know... is it mid-day yet? It always seems to be dark when I move from A to B. From Pete's office to my house in this case. I stand in front of my door and fumble for my keys. Shit, when has my handbag become Shelob's Lair? Geez - there seems to be almost everything in it, except for - of course! - those damn keys! It takes me longer to find them than it took Aragorn to find Gollum - but finally I manage to unlock my door and let myself inside.

I drop my bag and key right next to the door and I stagger into the living room where I place the bunch of script pages on the couch table. Thank god there's cooled wine in my fride! I'm too tired to make myself something to eat but I'm too exhausted to go to bed straight away. So I crash down on my sofa and light a cigarette. I pour myself a glass of wine and take a deep swallow.

I'm drained. Really.

Off-time for others (not that they get much of it, mind you!) means re-writes for Pete, Fran and moi...

We had to do quite a couple of re-writes during the last two days! Viggo's accident demanded some quick (are there others?) changes of schedule. And it didn't exactly help matters that Pete kept beating himself up for agreeing on letting Viggo do that stunt himself. The good news is: Viggo is feeling better. To think that he could have... No, I won't even go there.

I wonder how he's doing. Concussion. Water in his lungs. Hypothermia. Not good. But he has Orlando who, I'm sure, will take good care of him. And I've heard Sean and David went to check on him as well. Hm. Good.

My mind keeps going in circles. I pick up the newspaper and I swear it wouldn't be any harder to read if it was written in Tengwar. Or Runes. All I see is black birds' feet on paper.

It would be great to go out again, to the Parrot maybe. Maybe tomorrow. Not today. No, I'll just have another glass of wine and then I'll go to bed. To sleep. To sleep... perchance to dream?
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Jan. 13th, 2005 @ 09:48 pm
I hated leaving Liv like that.

I return home late at night after the meeting at WETA - thank the Valar we've been able to sort everything out! - and I just drop my coat and bag in the hallway. Yawning, I head for the kitchen and pour myself a glass of wine. My mind is still back at the Parrot. Talking to Orlando and Liv.

Stifling another yawn, I drop onto the sofa. I lean back and take a sip of my wine. God, I'm tired! I light a cigarette and inhale deeply.

It must be different to be a member of the cast, I muse. Some of them seem to have bonded so quickly. It has been amazing to witness that at the Parrot tonight. And as happy as it made me to see them like that - I also felt a little jealous. Not really, but a little.

I make a mental note to get in touch with Ian as soon as he arrives. Must be either today or tomorrow.

"Business, business, business..." I mutter to myself and take another sip of wine.

I hope I'll get another chance soon to talk to Liv again. She seems to be a very nice person... And, gods!, she is beautiful!
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And so it begins... Jan. 2nd, 2005 @ 02:06 pm
From what I've heard so far I gather that the first scenes went well. Peter seems to be very pleased with Elijah's performance. Good, good.

What troubles me a little is that Legolas's costume still needs changes. But I trust Ngila and her staff to perfect everything in time...

Oh, and word of the new Aragorn's arrival has reached my ear. Rumour has it that Viggo Mortensen is very intense, which is just what we've been looking for. Rumour also has it that he means 'work' as far as script re-writes are concerned. ;-) He seems to have a lot of ideas regarding his character. Which is a Very Good Thing (TM) in my opinion. *nods* I'm very curious about how things are going to develop...

I'm more than ready to take the next steps in this amazing project!
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